SkySpark by SkyFoundry

Getting Started


Help on getting SkySpark up and running

  1. Overview
  2. Verify Setup
  3. Running
  4. 64-bit Java
  5. Logging In
  6. Setup Wizard
  7. Upgrades
  8. Patches
  9. Licensing
  10. Documentation
  11. Conversion to Metric


Step-by-step check list for deploying a project

  1. Overview
  2. Setting Goals
  3. Project Sizing
  4. Setup
  5. Data Import
  6. Creating Rules
  7. Turnkey vs Backend
  8. Custom Extensions



docSkySpark SkySpark documentation


docIntro Overview and getting started with Fantom
docLang Language documentation
docFanr Documentation for fanr repository and package management
docTools Documentation for command line tools


bacnet BACnet Extension
builder Builder Extension
conn Connector Extension Framework
core Core built-in functions and tags
email Email Extension
energy Energy Extension
energyStar Energy Star Portfolio Manager Connector Extension
equip Equipment Extension
geo Geolocation Extension
greenButton Green Button function library
haystack Haystack Connector Extension
his Historian Extension
hisKit Historian Analytics Kit Extension
hvac HVAC Extension
io I/O Extension
job Job Extension
kpi KPI Extension
ldap LDAP Extension
lighting Lighting Extension
math Math function library
modbus Modbus Connector Extension
note Note Extension
obix oBIX Connector Extension
point Point Extension
report Custom report extension
schedule Scheduling Extension
sedona Sedona Connector Extension
snmp SNMP Connector Extension
spark Spark Extension
sql SQL Connector Extension
stackhub StackHub integration
tariff Tariff Engine
weather Weather Extension
xml XML Extension



chart Charting toolkit
connExt Connector Extension Framework
fresco Fresco web client framework
haystack Haystack model and client API
hisExt Historian Extension
proj Proj and Ext server side APIs


build Fantom build utility
compiler Fantom compiler
compilerDoc Compiler to model and generate API docs
compilerJava Compiler FFI Plugin for Java
compilerJs Fantom to JavaScript Compiler
concurrent Utilities for concurrent programming
dom Web Browser DOM API
email Email support
fandoc Fandoc parser and DOM
fanr Fantom Repository Manager
fansh Interactive Fantom Shell
flux Flux: Core Application
fluxText Flux: Text Editor
fwt Fantom Widget Toolkit
gfx Graphics API
inet IP networking
obix oBIX XML modeling and client and server REST
sql Relational database access
syntax Syntax styling for programming languages
sys Fantom system runtime
util Utilities
web Standard weblet APIs for processing HTTP requests
webfwt Web extensions to the FWT toolkit
webmod Standard library of WebMods
wisp Wisp web Server
xml XML Parser and Document Modeling