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SkySpark documentation

Getting Started

  1. Setup

    Help on getting SkySpark up and running

    Overview, Verify Setup, Running, 64-bit Java, Logging In, Setup Wizard, Upgrades, Patches, Licensing, Documentation, Conversion to Metric

  2. Deployment

    Step-by-step check list for deploying a project

    Overview, Setting Goals, Project Sizing, Setup, Data Import, Creating Rules, Turnkey vs Backend, Custom Extensions


  1. Architecture

    Overview of SkySpark architecture

    Overview, How It Fits Together, Extensions

  2. Folio

    Architecture of tag database

    Overview, Projects, Records, Tags, Storage, Bins, Naming, Queries, Indexing, Diffs, Trash, Concurrency Control, Compaction, Snapshots, Proj Meta

  3. Fresco

    Architecture of web visualization

    Overview, Host App, Standard Apps, App Header, App Menu, Custom Apps

  4. Axon

    Architecture of Axon analytics

    Overview, Language Overview, Func Recs, Top-Level Namespace

  5. Security

    User management and security model

    Overview, Super User, Project Users, External User Databases, Guests, Passwords, Realms, Axon Permissions, App Permissions, Auditing

  6. Web Uris

    HTTP URI namespace and configuration

    Overview, Top Level Redirect, Pub, Pod, Auth, Specials, Discovery

  7. Watches

    Folio subscriptions

    Overview, Axon APIs, Fantom APIs

  8. NavTrees

    Project specific navigation

    Overview, Nav Path, Nav Meta, Dependent Trees, Nav Funcs, Nav Filters, Default Nav Filters, Access Filters, Search

  9. Actions

    User actions

    Overview, Actions Tag, Expr Macros, Security

  10. Importing

    Techniques for ETL and data import

    Overview, Import Scripts, Basic Model, Importing Sites, Importing Equip/Points, Imported Tag, Demo Example

  11. Localization

    Process for localization

    Overview, Locale Props Files, Tags, LocaleStub, Choosing Locale, Testing Locales, Deploying Locales

Programming Axon

  1. Axon Language

    Features of Axon programming language

    Overview, Scalars, Lists, Dicts, Operators, Def, Scoping, Lambdas, Calls, Dot Calls, Trailing Lambda, Partial Application, Blocks, If Expr, Throw Expr, Try/Catch Expr

  2. Axon Usage

    Example snippets of Axon code

    Str Examples, Uri Examples, List Examples, Dict Examples, Grid Examples, Regex Examples, Read Examples, His Examples, Energy Examples

  3. Filter

    Filter format for tag database queries

    Overview, Usage, Pathing, Grammar

  4. Units

    Units of measurement

    Overview, Unit System, Database, Comparison, Arithmetic, Conversion

Programming Fantom

  1. Fantom Api

    Overview of the Fantom APIs

    Introduction, Fantom vs Axon, Why Fantom, API Overview, Client vs Server

  2. Exts

    How to develop custom extensions

    Overview, Naming, Basic Layout, Ext Class, Resource Extensions, Axon Funcs, Fantom Funcs, Tags, Apps, Ext Stub Tool, Deployment

  3. Fantom in the Browser

    Overview of programming Fantom in web browsers

    Overview, Threading, State, API's

  4. Apps

    How to develop custom apps

    Overview, Creating an App, Building the Interface

  5. State Model

    Overview of the client-side state model

    Overview, Don't Break the Back Button, Lifecycle, Serialization

  6. Charting

    Overview of charting API

    Overview, Chart API Overview, Examples

  7. Charting Grids

    Charting Grid Data

    Overview, Grid Meta, Fantom APIs, ChartUtil, Example

  8. Sample App

    Sample App

    Overview, Sample Code

  9. Sample App with Config

    Sample App with Config

    Overview, Sample Code

  10. Sample Native Widget

    Sample Native Widget

    Overview, Usage,, SampleNativeWidgetPeer.js

Formats and Protocols

  1. Grids

    Two-dimensional tabular data structure

    Overview, Usage, Structure, Example

  2. Rest


    Overview, APIs, Requests, Responses, Error Handling, Error Grid, Authentication, Basic Authentication, On Auth Callback, Content Negotiation

  3. Ops

    Operations in REST API

    Overview, About, Ops, Formats, Read, Nav, WatchSub, WatchUnsub, WatchPoll, PointWrite, HisRead, HisWrite, Rec, Eval, Eval All, Commit, Link, Invoke Action

  4. Zinc

    grid serialization format

    Overview, Usage, Literals, Syntax, Version History, Grammar, Notes

  5. Trio

    tag rec serialization format

    Overview, Usage, Format, Grammar

  6. Csv

    comma separated values

    Overview, Usage, Grid Format

  7. Json

    JavaScript object notation

    Overview, Usage, Type Mapping, Grid Format

  8. XML

    extensible markup language

    Overview, Usage, Grid Format


  1. Troubleshooting


    Data Truncation, Disk Full, How to Open JavaScript Console, Reporting App Errors, Axonsh

  2. Tuning

    Tuning performance

    JVM, Folio, Host Settings

  3. UpgradeTo3

    Upgrading to 3.0

    New History Rollup Design, Support for Not Available Data, Fantom APIs

  4. Licensing

    Licensing details

    Overview, Checking Usage, Limit Exceeded, Development Licenses, Transfering, Third Party Licenses

  5. Axon Grammar

    Formal BNF syntax grammar

    Legend, Productions, Tokens

  6. ChangeLog

    List of changes in each build

    1.0 Builds