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36. Troubleshooting

When an application error occurs in an App, more information is usually available in your browser's JavaScript console.

Data Truncation

If too much data is requested from the server, or the requested operation is taking too long, the results returned to the client may be truncated. Truncation can happen at many places during a request, so results should always be considered inaccurate when this occurs.

Fresco will indicate truncated results by displaying a yellow warning box in the lower right hand corner of the browser window. Correcting truncation will vary depending on the App - but in general the data set should be reduced. For example, narrowing the date range selected, or selecting a smaller set of targets.

Disk Full

Periodically the system checks the free disk space on the file system used by the project database. If the free space falls under a threshold then all projects are put into readonly mode to prevent further writes (which might result in a corrupt database). A banner is displayed indicating the problem. To resolve this problem, free space on the disk and restart the system.

The default threshold required for free disk space is 100MB. This value maybe overridden in etc/proj/settings.props using the key "diskThreshold" and an integer value in MB (restart required):


How to Open JavaScript Console

Find your browser below, and follow instructions for opening the JavaScript console. If your browser is not listed, it's not an officially supported browser for SkySpark.


  1. Select View menu
  2. Select Developer menu item
  3. Select JavaScript Console


  1. Select Develop menu
  2. Select Show Error Console


  1. Select Tools menu
  2. Select Web Developer menu item
  3. Select Web Console

Reporting App Errors

When reporting an application error, the JavaScript console output will always be required. To get output, open your console, and select the entire text available, and copy to your clipboard. Paste contents along with the App you were using, and a description of the action you were attempting to perform.


The axonsh program found in your bin directory provides a simple command line Axon shell for working with a database offline. This tool may be used to empty trash, run hisClear, or other maintanance functions.

First ensure sure skyspark daemon is not running. Then launch the shell and use the load command open of your databases offline. If you get an error acquiring the lock file it means that you still have the skyspark daemon running. Here is an example:

Axon Shell v1.0.37 ('?' for help)
Copyright SkyFoundry LLC, All rights reserved.
axon> load myproj

Loading proj "myproj" ...
[17:33 06-Apr-12] [info] [myproj-sys] ### Ready (513 records, 563ms, 17MB)
Loaded proj "myproj"!

You can run folioEmptyTrash or folioCompact from shell like this:

myproj> folioCompact()
[17:33 06-Apr-12] [info] [myproj-sys] Trash emptied [0 recs]